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Why Bosh is Better!

This blog post will hopefully cover a few key points to explain why we truly believe Bosh Bottles are the best reusable alternative - and why we are better than market competitors like; Frank & Green, Chillys Bottles and Hydrate.

Nowadays, the reusable water bottle market is booming, as customers become more and more aware of the choices they make to reduce carbon emissions. First things first, we fully support all businesses, big and small who at their core have heart and desire to make a change to this world for the better. Furthermore we applaud the likes of Chillys Bottles for truly paving the way over the last decade, creating an eco-conscious customer, who have made it 'cool' to actively pursue the reduction of their carbon footprint and be aware of your personal use of single-use plastics.

So why do we still believe that Bosh Bottles are better? Our bottles offer the perfect mix of a business with a green heart, alongside a quality product at a very affordable price! Have a look at the full range of colours, styles and sizes we offer here!

Simply put, the stainless steel used to create our bottles, and the double insulation technology that is used to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot for 12 hours, is the same as more expensive market competitors alike; SHO Bottles, Chillys Bottles and HoneyHolly Bottles. Bosh Bottles have the exact same functionality but a much more affordable price.

At Bosh Bottles we truly believe in reducing the publics consumption of single use plastics, and we think a great way to incentivise this is by providing a cost efficient way to do this. This is why we are passionate about maintaining our bottles at an affordable price to our customers.