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Plastic Free July - A Climate Emergency Story with Faye Cherry

Globally, more than one million plastic bottles are sold every single minute. Yet in the U.K just 58% of the 13 billion plastic bottles sold each year are recycled.

Faye Cherry, current Journalism student at Ulster University focused her 'Climate Emergency Story' on the alarming rise of single-use plastic within the U.K.  She posed a few question to Bosh. regards our environment policies.

1. What does the term ‘climate emergency’ mean to you? 

This is the current worldwide emergency that every single human is involved in, whether they want to be or not. At Bosh. we urge EVERYONE to do their bit try and reduce their personal damage to the environment. One of our core principles is reducing single-use plastic consumption – both with our products and the packaging they come in. This can be as simple as holding onto and collecting
cardboard boxes previously used by friends, family and then reusing them to deliver to our customers!

2. What was the inspiration behind the creation of the business?

We have both been interested in business throughout our school lives at Grosvenor Grammar and Campbell College – we have both taken part in the ‘Young Enterprise’ scheme. In April 2019 Charles & I completed the Madrid Marathon; we could not believe the amount of plastic waste discarded across the streets and public parks, along the marathon route. This kick-started the idea to use these business skills we had developed to reduce the usage of single-use plastics in everyday life. When doing research into the best way to reduce this
plastic waste we found that in the UK of the 13 billion plastic bottles bought each year only 7.5 billion are recycled.

3. Do you think there are enough people concerned about the current
climate emergency?

Yes! But, there is always room for more. We have been amazed at the number of people and businesses with a passion for the environment. Just to name a few; Belore, The Wolf The Fox Co. and The Refill Quarter are all Belfast based businesses started in the last few years with an eco-conscious core at heart! The community of eco-conscious business is growing as customers are starting to care more and more about what’s in their product. Even the big boys like Sainsburys have been bringing in plastic reduction policies to reduce their damage on the environment – it’s a worldwide mission that is gathering pace!

4. What are your plans for the future?

As a business we are always coming up with new ideas and products and have a variety of products in the pipeline – keep on an eye on our social media accounts for upcoming product drops. We have just launched Bosh. Fitness through a set of home workout videos developed with members of the Bosh. Family. We hope to drop a range of clothing and fitness products in the coming months. Our plan is to grow with the core eco-conscious principles at our centre!

5. Do you have any tips that people can use in their everyday life to
help reduce the effect of climate change?

Firstly, I’d like to say it is so easy! Once you start making small changes to your lifestyle it will become habit to act in this way. I have already mentioned reusing old packaging, but otherwise bring your coffee cup or Bosh. Bottle to cafes and ask for your hot drink inside it (some cafes in NI have even begun offering discounts when you do this). Also, a very easy one is to avoid unnecessary car travel; public transport, cycling or walking are perfect substitutes and save you money and help the environment! Research what you buy, before you buy it and go for the eco-friendly option. Try and avoid buying items in shops that are wrapped in plastics or buy local, this usually means the products have travelled less a distance to get to you!