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An Olympic Dream becomes Reality

We sat down with Belfast based Bosh Ambassador Jack McMillan; Irish Swimmer, and now Olympic Athlete to learn a bit more about his journey to the top of his discipline. 

Firstly, a huge congratulations on qualifying as a member of the Irish 4x200m Olympic Freestyle Relay Team! How are you feeling about heading to Tokyo this summer?

This will be my first Olympics so I am very excited and looking forward to it. It will be a privilege to represent Ireland at the games and to be able to compete against the best athletes in the world. I think it will be an unforgettable experience.


When did you start getting into swimming?

So, I started swimming when I was 4, then began competing at 8. Next, I joined Bangor Swimming Club at 11 and that has been my club ever since.

Do you have a particular role-model who has inspired you on your journey to the Olympics?

My coach is Paul Dennis and he has helped me a lot on my journey, since I was 13 years old. I always thought that making the Olympics would be amazing when I was younger, but making it a goal became realistic when around 17/18.

And finally, what competition experience do you have already and what are your hopes for the rest of your career?

I have represented Ireland at the World Championships in 2019 which gave me a good sense of racing the best swimmers in the world and competing at the highest level in swimming. There has been many ups and downs and some days when I don’t want to train. Being consistent and driven are the two keys to performing better year, after year, to help me to achieve more!

I will be continuing my journey to Paris 2024 and many other competitions until 2024 such as World and Europeans championships.

Jack McMillan Olympic Swimmer with Bosh Bottle



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