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MEANPROTEIN - A Lockdown Dream that quickly became Reality!

Next up, we'd like to introduce to you another local business - MEANPROTEIN. Set up in just the previous few months, Rachael Jameson has quickly developed her monthly subscription brand to include many of the stalwarts of the Protein world, including; Grenade, MyProtein & KIND Snacks!
We asked Rachael a few questions about her short but exciting journey so far...

1. What was it like starting a business in lockdown?⁣⁣
I thought it would be really tricky to start a business since my degree isn't in busMean Protein - Fitness - Gym - Protein - Snacksiness and I had no background knowledge of how to run one but I actually found it really useful to be able to start a protein business during lockdown as there were no distractions. So, I was able to fully focus on learning how to start a protein subsNutrition - Supplements - PHD nutrition - MyProtein - Kind Snacks - Grenade Bars - Fitness - Gymscription box through hours of research on Google and I ended up writing myself a step-by-step guide of actions I needed to complete to achieve my goal. For example, I needed to register with the food authority and contact all of the best protein companies to make MEANPROTEIN the best protein subscription box in the U.K via the supply of the best quality protein snacks. So yeah, in summery I think that it was the best time I could have set up a business, as in regular pre-COVID life, I would have found it hard to find the time to research it all. ⁣⁣
2. Do you have any tips for any budding entrepreneurs among our readers?⁣⁣
My best tip for budding entrepreneurs is to check out the competition and make a product that is unique. With MEANPROTEIN, I searched for protein subscription boxes and I discovered a few others but none of these were delivering protein from the biggest and best brands in the U.K. So, my product is unique as it uses premium protein that people have heard of. Plus, my boxes also guarantee a minimum quantity for each box, so customers always know they will get the protein they need. Whereas, my competitors can put any amount in their boxes which could lead to customers needing to go out and buy extra protein and therefore, MEANPROTEIN is one step ahead. I think any entrepreneur should defiantly carry out this research to develop a product that can't be beaten. Then you know that you're advertising something that is truly great. ⁣⁣
I would also suggest researching into different funding options as there is plenty of entrepreneur funding out there to be utilised. Maybe this will only help you advertise for a couple of months but it's still better than nothing and it's essentially free money, so it's defiantly worth filling out a few forms to attain this. ⁣⁣
3. Tell us a bit about your passion for all things fitness and MEANPROTEIN. ⁣⁣

Gym - Fitness - Supplements - Water - Hydrate
MEANPROTEIN was developed through my passion for fitness which I've been into for years. Although, the funny thing is that I used to hate P.E in school and I really didn't like exercising, so you never know what you might get into, but my passion for fitness started to grow during my A-Levels in 2015/16 as I would go into my home gym during my breaks from revising just to get out of the study mindset for a while. I then started to develop on this at University as I was part of a fitness club with a free gym which gave my friends and me a chance to learn how to use all of the equipment while nobody else was around (defiantly necessary since I believe many people are initially worried to attend a gym due to the 'complicated' equipment).⁣⁣Then, I just started to go into the free gym more and more until somebody introduced me to protein supplements. Before, I never really saw a need to add extra protein to my diet but I tried a protein pancake and it literally felt like it gave me enough energy to run 10 miles. So, I started buying my own which is how I learnt about different proteins and how they help the body before, during and after exercise (I basically became a nerd for protein).⁣⁣ Since then, my fitness excelled when I joined a real, bigger gym (which was a lot better than the free one, can't lie). However, this came to an end for me, as well as many, when Corona hit and tragically closed all the gyms. Thankfully though, I had some free weights at home and I was used to a gym with barely any equipment anyway, so I was able to use these to maintain my muscles throughout lockdown.⁣⁣⁣
But onto MEANPROTEIN...⁣⁣⁣
During lockdown,, I sat down to make my monthly order of Bulk Powders protein for my home workouts. However, for once I thought about mixing up what I would get as I usually always stuck to salted caramel whey protein with a couple of bars and protein pancakes. And then I realised there was a huge gap in the market for somebody to create a protein subscription business since most athletes order protein on a monthly basis and most people always get the same flavour each month. Therefore, I thought that others, like myself, would like to try something new each month. This protein box would be especially great for people who are new to protein and want to try out the different brands. Therefore, I started to research into businesses and thus, MEANPROTEIN was created. ⁣⁣

4. So, what sort of products do MEANPROTEIN offer? ⁣⁣⁣

MEANPROTEIN offers a fresh selection of yummy protein bars, snacks and whey from the biggest brands in every protein box. ⁣⁣

Through research I found the twelve most popular protein brands in the U.K and to date we offer these twelve: ⁣⁣
Grenade, Bulk Powders, MYPROTEIN, Barebells, Optimum Nutrition, KIND snacks, CLIF bars, Protein World, TREK bars, FULFIL, Whey Box and The Protein Works. ⁣⁣
In each box there is a new variety of snacks, whey and bars in fresh flavours from a mix of these brands which gives MEANPROTEIN customers a chance to try new flavours of protein each month, week or on a one-off box basis. ⁣⁣
The Mass MEANPROTEIN box is able to guarantee 500g of protein in every protein box. This includes a 500g bag of whey as well as 8-12 bars and snacks, such as protein flapjacks or protein crisps. ⁣⁣
The Lean MEANPROTEIN box guarantees 250g of protein per box and this also guarantees whey along with 4-8 bars and snacks. ⁣⁣
5. So you recently began stocking come customised Bosh Bottles - do you have any more planned product releases and what's the future plan for MEANPROTEIN? ⁣⁣
Yes, the MEANPROTEIN bottles by Bosh are excellent, I even use one myself since they keep liquid cool for so long. They have been a big hit so far. ⁣⁣
Gym - Fitness - Protein - Suppliments - Lift - Bosh Bottle- Water - Hydrate
In terms of future products, I am looking into making a cheaper, whey-only box which will give customers the opportunity to change their flavour of whey protein in each weekly/monthly protein box as I'm aware that a few people do not like protein bars, so this will suit them well. ⁣⁣
I am also looking into possible MEANPROTEIN t-shirts for the gym/exercising. I am trying to find a good quality brand at the moment since MEANPROTEIN is all about the best quality products and therefore, I want to find the highest-quality material and shape for the MEANPROTEIN shirts which will be cool for the gym but also comfy for everyday activities. ⁣⁣
6. And finally, do you have any tips for any of our blog followers for trying to maintain their fitness throughout the current pandemic?⁣⁣
Buy some weights. Some of the best gym advice I ever got was so simple and it was that if you lift heavier, you get bigger muscles and you don't have to do as many reps and sets. Plus, weights are available online again at last, so there's no excuse. ⁣⁣
Or if weights are too much for you, make sure to keep in a routine and complete body workouts for at least three hours a week but this obviously depends on the person and how active they already are. But keep to it and get yourself a MEANPROTEIN box to keep you motivated and to help with those post-workout aches.