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Ireland's First Sustainable Cycling Brand!

One of our aims for this blog is to regularly bring you perspectives from outside the world of Bosh; with a focus on Fitness, Lifestyle and Eco-Conscious Living. In this blog post we speak with Conor Murray, Founder of Hammer Cycling -  who shares our passion for fitness with a eco-conscious heart.

Hammer Cycling - Custom Water Bottle - Bosh - Sustainable - Eco-Friendly

We recently collaborated with Hammer Cycling to produce a range of Custom Bosh Bottles. It was clear from the start that Conor shared our passion for the environment from just a moments glance at his products and website. Specifically the slogan "Be the Hammer. Not the nail"  on the Hammer Cycling Website  perfectly encapsulates an empowering message, that we as individuals must be willing to make a stand against single-use plastics.

Below Conor Murray explains how his brand Hammer Cycling became an exciting reality!

Hammer came about through a combination of things. Firstly, I had always wanted to create some sort of brand or business as a side project or hobby and see where it could go, but I had never really found something I was passionate enough about to take the plunge.

Then, I started cycling as a way to keep relatively fit as the football career was being wound up. I soon caught the cycling bug, going from cycling 20 miles very slowly on my own once a week, to doing upwards of 150 miles a week with the local club.

Hammer Cycling - Eco-Friendly - Bike - Sustainable -Water Bottle


I’ve also been fairly environmentally conscious, and aware that we all need to do our part in helping keep our planet alive. Sustainable fashion is still extremely niche, but it does exist. What didn’t exist though was an Irish cycling brand that hung its hat on sustainability.

With too much time on my hands during lockdown I began to research how I could set up my own brand. 6 months later, Hammer Cycling was born! We’ve worked closely with some great suppliers and have developed jerseys 100% made from recycled plastics. Each jersey accounts for approximately 6 plastic bottles. We also thought selling reusable bottles just made too much sense not to!

The reaction so far has been brilliant, I really didn’t expect so many people to share our views about sustainability, but thankfully more and more people are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives where possible.

We are now preparing to launch our winter range which should be hitting the website late November, just in time for Christmas shopping!

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