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Five Reasons You Should Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

Whether you are at the gym, on campus, at work or just walking down the street reusable water bottles are steadily becoming an everyday essential. Whether it’s a Smart Technology Bottle, a Chilly’s Bottle , a Klean Kanteen Flask or a Bosh Bottle you can’t go far without seeing someone; drinking, refilling, or carrying their bottle on their travels. So why are these people hiking around with these bottles?

  1. Your Body Needs Water!

Believe it or not up to 60% of the adult human body is made up of water. As we rush around on our busy day-to-day schedule we lose this water due to normal body functions like; sweating, breathing & urinating. Without the intake of water, we can quickly become dehydrated, hence it is essential to make fluid intake a key part of everyday life. The NHS recommend around 6-8 glasses of water consumption daily, or the equivalent of 2 and a bit refills of your 500ml Bosh Bottle.

  1. Reduce Waste from Single-Use Plastic Bottles

Globally, more than one million plastic bottles are sold every single minute. Yet. in the U.K just 58% of the 13 billion plastic bottles sold each year are recycled. This damming statistic creates a clear argument why you should always carry your reusable water bottle – to avoid contributing to the landfill! The process of creating everyday plastic bottles involves a polluting process and they can take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

  1. Refill on the Go & Save Money as you do it!

Buying one Bosh Bottle cost you just £13 – to put that in perspective the average person in the UK drinks around 150 bottles of water a year – think of the money you could save! To make it even easier we recommend downloading the Refill HQ app to see the local businesses and community areas that are part of the refill scheme. This means you can refill on the go as you keep on top of your busy schedule!

  1. You Control what goes in your Bottle

We always recommend sticking some ice in your Bosh Bottle before you head out to the gym, work or just on your daily commute. Nothing is more refreshing than a sip of icy, cold water and our bottles even keeps your water cold for up to 24 hours! On the other hand, you can add a bit of juice if you fancy something sweeter or anything else you fancy – we’ve even had some customers keeping their beer cold in the holiday sun! Another tip is that Bosh Bottles keep your liquids hot for 12 hours so if you fancy tea or coffee on a cold morning you’re all set, then you can clean it out and refill with water for later in the day! It really is up to you what you fill your bottle with, but one thing is for sure your refillable bottle is more than just a water bottle!

  1. Sustainable Living

Bosh Bottles are made out of high grade stainless steel meaning that your bottle will be good to last for years. It may pick up a few bumps or scratches on the way but our double insulation technology won't be affected. By choosing and using a reusable product you are actively working against the landfill - reducing the waste that ends up sitting there for years.