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Bosh Ambassador heading to the Paralympics in Tokyo

Barry McClements Paralympic SwimmerWe sat down with our newest Bosh Ambassador Barry McClements, S9 Para-Swimmer, previous Commonwealth Games Finalist who is competing at the Paralympic Games this month.
As our newest Bosh Ambassador we'd firstly like to give you a big welcome! So we know you are a Para-Swimmer, but what interests you outside of swimming?
A little bit about me outside swimming is that I like to do the complete opposite of swimming. I watch football (Liverpool fan), play football and spend time with friends and family most of the time. I like to balance my life so that I can turn off from swimming and relax.
You definitely love sport! What sort of emotions do you feel when thinking about heading to Tokyo this August?
It’s an honour to represent the Irish team at this year’s Paralympics in Tokyo. This is my first Paralympic Games, I had missed Rio in 2016 when I was 14 by 2 seconds in the 400 which is a small margin over that distance. My preparation has changed from that year to this one as before I was preparing to qualify but now I am preparing to make a final and whatever happens after that is a bonus.
It really is an incredible achievement! Have your preparations been impacted much by the pandemic in the past year?
During the first lockdown I was out of the pool completely as they were closed but since that they have stayed open for those classes as elite and I fall into that category so it wasn’t very difficult for me to train. However not being able to see friends or having all my training partners made it quite hard to stay motivated and to enjoy my time in the pool. Although the fact that I have pulled through it and am going to Tokyo has made it even more rewarding for myself.
And what are the final preparations a Paralympian has to go through before before leaving for Tokyo?
Prior to Tokyo I will be going on a warm weather training camp with similar humidity and warmth to Tokyo. It will be quite hard to stay cool and hydrated due to that. Thanks to Bosh I will have a cool cup that I can keep slushies in and water cold to help keep me cool and hydrated in general and within training. Bosh Bottles will be very helpful for me in the lead up to the games and during them.
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